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Honda Motor Company is one of the most prominent and well-respected automakers worldwide, known for reliable, fun-to-drive vehicles across a wide range of segments. Since beginning auto production in 1963, Honda has cultivated a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking designs, with many models achieving best-seller status. At the core of Honda's identity is a focus on performance and efficiency enabled by advanced powertrain technologies. CVCC engine debuted in 1975, providing cleaner emissions. Variable valve-timing and lift (VTEC) turbocharged engines elevated power and fuel economy through the 1980s and beyond. More recently, hybrid systems in vehicles like the Accord, CR-V and Insight showcase Honda's engineering prowess. Complementing progress under the hood, Honda also pioneered new vehicle formats to accommodate changing buyer needs. The Civic debuted as an early compact car in 1973, while the Accord helped ignite midsize sedan popularity from 1976 onwards. The CR-V compact crossover arrived in 1996 just as that segment began expanding. Honda also enjoys a rich sports car heritage with icons like the S2000 and beloved Civic Type R hot hatch. While upscale Acura models cater to premium tastes, Honda aims squarely at mainstream appeal with sensible, enjoyable transportation for all walks of life. Though shifting preference to trucks and SUVs, cars remain integral to Honda's formula. The Civic and Accord retain status as segment benchmarks, while the Fit subcompact and HR-V/CR-V crossovers offer practicality and value. New for 2024 is Honda's first EV, the Prologue SUV co-developed with GM. As one of the largest automakers worldwide by volume, Honda has come a long way from its Japanese roots. But through every evolution, ingenuity and 'man-maximum, machine-minimum' philosophies upheld by company founder Soichiro Honda himself persist. These core principals positioned Honda in the past and will carry its momentum far into the future on both roads and racetracks worldwide.

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