John Smith · January 24, 2024

2024's Most Popular Car Colors: What's Hot on the Streets?

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As 2024 approaches, car paint colors are taking center stage, with color forecasting at the forefront. The car design process now incorporates trending color palettes, like the mid-century modern paint schemes, which have been revived in certain vehicle types for both their visual impact and in sync with advancing color technologies. Eco-friendly paint adoption, such as 'Subaru Blue Paint' which utilizes advanced color technologies, is also climbing, reflecting a shift in consumer values.

The latest car color trends reveal a harmonious blend of natural inspiration and tech-savvy choices. Here are some key color developments:

  • Earthy Tones: The rise of soft greens, warm browns, and muted terracottas signals a connection to nature. These eco-conscious colors are set to become more prevalent. Neutral tones complement this trend.
New SUV vehicle in earthy tone color
  • Bold Blues: Blue Nova, with its hint of violet, is emerging as a popular choice. This color is both striking and sophisticated.
Car in Blue Nova 825 color
  • Color Popularity: Conventionally, grayscale colors have dominated U.S. highways. In 2024, the expectation is for a richer mix, including two-tones and natural-inspired shades.
3 cars in grayscale colors: gray, white, black
  • Technologically Enhanced Hues: Innovations are emerging in car color technology. For instance, BASF's iGloss technology enhances both aesthetics and durability. Sensor technologies, including radar and LiDAR, now influence color choices.
Sports Car in Enhanced Hue color

Key considerations when selecting a car color include:

  • Resale Value: Some hues may impact a car's future value positively. Particularly, captivating tints like the '69 Camaro colors, which continue to hold value, and shades like yellow, beige, orange, green, red, white, and blue tend to hold value effectively (
Parking lot with Camaro 69 cars in different colors

For reference, here are the prominent colors through recent years:


Popular Colors


White, Black, Gray, Silver


White, Black, Gray, Silver


White, Black, Gray, Silver


White, Black, Gray, Silver


White, Black, Gray, Silver


White, Black, Gray, Silver


Silver/Gray, White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Natural, Two-Tone

The 2024 Automotive Color Trends Collection from BASF features unconventional car colors. Expect to see transparent blues, pastels, and light green hues. These choices are about more than beauty; they complement sophisticated technologies like LiDAR sensors. These sensors serve as the vehicle's "eyes", enhancing capabilities and safety.

As technologies like LiDAR become more common, design and functionality increasingly intersect. LiDAR technology's superior resolution remains effective even in challenging weather. This precision contributes to better safety measures.

Changing car color trends also reflect wider market dynamics. Though new vehicle sales are predicted to grow only modestly, the evolving car paint colors highlight the industry's responsiveness. Car buyers seek both environmental stewardship and personal expression.

The dynamic car market of 2024 shows that color has a significant impact. It represents a move toward eco-consciousness and the integration of advanced technologies. These factors are shaping automotive safety and capabilities.

A light-green eco-conscious color SUV in a parking lot

Fashion on Wheels: The Style of Car Colors in 2024

As we head into 2024, the evolving automotive design landscape is heavily influenced by current fashion trends. Car paint colors are being chosen to parallel these design trends, extending from fashion runways to tech products. Cars have transformed into personal statements, showcasing the owner's individual style preferences.

The 2024 color palette is bold, exploring new shades fueled by technology and personal expression:

  • Amplify Orange: This vibrant color captures the eye and is favoured by brands like Ford, Jeep, and Toyota.
New sedan car in amplify orange color
  • Thundernight Metallic: Offered by luxury marques such as BMW and Porsche, this metallic purple tone exudes a sophisticated air.
New sedan sports car in Thundernight Metallic color

'On Volude', an AI-driven collection, features artists leaning towards lighter, more expressive shades. Yet, despite the push for diverse hues, white, black, gray, and silver dominate, with a combined market share of 78.9%.

Most Popular Car Colors in 2023:

  1. White: 26.2%
  2. Black: 21.8%
  3. Gray: 19.2%
  4. Silver: 11.7%
A piechart of 2023 most popular car colours

While color selections are expanding, white remains the top pick in the US, favored in 40 states.

The 2024 car paint color spectrum reflects drivers' readiness for personal expression. Yet, reports and forecasts still show a strong presence of traditional colors. As car exteriors become a means of showcasing personal identity, technology advancements and the quest for sustainable options are considered alongside color popularity and potential impact on resale value.

A new white sedan car

As we transition into 2024, car paint colors reflect more than just aesthetic appeal. They are a mirror of current times. The automotive industry invests in color forecasting to anticipate trending shades for upcoming models. This practice ensures a blend of color popularity and innovative design.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:
    • Designers prioritize elegance and calm, often choosing shades like 'Honey Beige Color' and 'Ford Mustang Dark Green' for their ability to exude luxury. in their creations.
    • Modern preferences are shifting towards soft pastels and subtle colors that convey environmental consciousness.
  • Car Paint Colors:
    • Classic colors such as white, black, and gray remain popular.
    • Newer shades with less saturation, like PPG's "Limitless," are gaining attention.
  • Color Forecasting:
    • Experts study trends to predict future popular vehicle colors.
    • Safety and ease of maintenance keep white as a preferred choice.
  • Color Popularity:
    • Safety ratings favor lighter colors, such as 'Monte Carlo Paint Codes' that include vivacious reds and the 'Limitless Color' tone. White is often considered the safest option on the road.
    • White's link to modern design and meticulous color place paint reviews account for its broad popularity and technology accounts for its broad popularity.

Studies show that a white vehicle is 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident than a black one, highlighting its safety benefit.

Two same black and white SUVs

That said car color does not affect insurance rates Progressive.

The following table shows the historic popularity of car colors worldwide:


Global Sales Percentage


22% (2012), 26.2% (2023)


19% (2012), 21.8% (2023)


16% (2012), 19.2% (2023)


16% (2012), 11.7% (2023)

(Source: Wikipedia)

The preference for white is clear.

Ultimately, car color is a multifaceted decision that balances style, functionality, and personal expression.

Color and Emotion: The Behavioral Impact of Car Hues

Selecting the right car color goes beyond aesthetics—it's a personal statement. Fiery red may convey enthusiasm, while soothing blue can indicate calmness. The color you choose can say much about you and how you intend to be seen.

Consider these factors when choosing your car's color:

  • Resale Value: The color can impact its long-term value. While some believe that common colors are safer investments, rare shades like yellow and orange might hold their value better. A car's color could change its resale value by as much as $5,000. Neutral tones might seem like a safe bet, but unusual colors can sometimes fare better when it's time to sell.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Color contributes to a car's overall appearance and can offer additional benefits. For example, white cars have both an attractive look and increased visibility, which can lead to fewer accidents.

Maintenance and Practicality: Navigating Car Color Choices

Choosing car paint colors is a decision influenced by more than just trends. It also depends on maintenance needs and color popularity. The aesthetics of 2024 embrace bold choices inspired by cyberpunk culture, with neon greens, electric purples, and cyber blues gaining attention. However, the classic allure of white and black continues to hold strong.

When factoring in ease of maintenance with aesthetic appeal, consider these points:

  • White: Highly regarded for its aesthetic, especially in contrast, white masks swirl marks but show dirt clearly.
  • Darker Shades: Dust and scratches are more noticeable, necessitating frequent cleaning.
  • Vibrant Tones: Colors like Amplify Orange stand out and are easy to maintain.
  • Subtle Hues: Gentle yellows and greens may need extra care to preserve their tranquil appearance.

For 2024, Blue Nova is predicted to be a significant trend, epitomizing a mix of adventure and calm.

A new electric vehicle sedan in blue nova 825 color

In summary, selecting car paint colors for 2024 involves considering trends, maintenance, and color forecasting. The chosen color should reflect the owner's lifestyle and contribute to the car's upkeep and value.